Individual Training

Troubleshooting – behavioral advice – Dog Training

Misunderstandings in the communication between dogs and humans can be problematic and can lead to behavioral problems, such as:

– Aggression toward other dogs and people
– Problems when alone
– Fear (while driving, of certain sounds, etc.)
– Long, unwanted barking
– bad habits in domestic environments (filth, stealing from tables, nibbling, etc.)

My method includes:

1. I will visit you at home where I will take a look at the interaction between you and
your dog. Together we will take a look at places where problems occur.
2. I’ll analyze the misbehavior.
3. I’ll create an individual training program.
4. I’ll teach you hands-on exercises in which we will work on practical application and
5. I will show you ways in which you can apply this training into everyday life.

If you want, we can talk about your dog’s nutrition (for free). Malnutrition can lead to misbehavior of the dog.

Before buying a dog

Are you struggling still with questions such as:– Do I want this responsibility ?
– I manage a dog in my already full daily routine?
– I can then no longer go on holiday? What if something happens to the dog?
– Can I give the dog what it needs?
– I don’t want hair all over my house?
– Will I make it to train a dog ?

By answering these and subsequent questions, I’ll gladly help you!

– What dog breed is right on the basis of species-specific behaviors to you and what living conditions are appropriate?
– What does a dog cost each month?
– What are the pros and cons of a female or a male ?
– How do I recognise a too aggressive ( dominant ) or destructive ( submissive ) dog. If the puppy is too timid or even negative pre Coins . How do I know the balance, such as a curious and healthy dog ?
– How do I know if my puppy comes from a Breeding farm for dogs or by responsible breeders
– How do I feed my dog well?

Your dog will accompany you around 10-15 years of your life !

I give you important information so the start of your life together is a happy and positive one.


The right diet is not just an important base for your dog’s health, also misbehavior and lack of energy may be due to a poor diet!If your dog is overweight, I will create a nutrition plan. Your dog should obviously not be hungry!

What kind of food is ideal for dogs, and what food is less ideal or even poisonous?

What are the pros and cons of dry food, canned food or fresh meat diets (Barfen)?

What is to be taken into account when it comes to the composition of dogfood?

I advise you gladly!

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The Puppy Training

Everything the puppy undergoes in his socialization phase ( up to the 16th week of life ) , characterizes him for his whole life !
A selective and controlled introduction to different situations such as interaction with other people, environmental stimuli which they encounter everyday is very important.

Your puppy will be
– Travelling on public transport
– Driving in the car
– Going in elevators
– Getting to know horses , cyclists , joggers
– at Kindergarten groups
– In restaurants
– Having contact with other people and other dogs
– Experiencing loud noises
– Swimming (summer only )
and much more introduced .
You will learn
– How to teach your dog something
– How to give him clear rules
– How to build a trusting relationship & bond
– The ideal diet for your dog
– Basic knowledge of body language
– Basic knowledge of legislation on dog ownership .
Correction of behaviors :
If your puppy has already developed negative characteristics, I will show you how you can correct them.


Dog language and expression

Dogs possess a very clear and simple language. You just have to learn this, like any other language!I will explain the basics of dog language and I will show you how it works in practice (either in a domestic environment or while walking with your dog outside).

Dog Activities

Activities with your dog strengthen the bond between you and your dog. He is balanced and does not need substitutes like barking at the fence, nibbling on furniture.In addition, the dog can develop his personality when he is being challenged. He is not bored, and his intelligence is encouraged.

I’ll show that you can do more with your dog than just playing with balls and throwing sticks.

Some things can be done in nature, and some in domestic environments (so that in case of bad weather there is always the ‘bad weather program’).

Domestic (and other) bad habits

If the dog develops bad habits at home, living together can be put to the test!These bad habits can be very diverse.

I’ll show you how to get rid of these.

Some examples:

– Chewing on objects
– Stealing food from garbage cans or from the table
– Unclean behavior, such as leaving footprints
– Calling for attention by barking or nipping
– Bothering guests
– Barking at the fence
– Begging for food or attention.

Malnutrition can also lead to misbehavior of the dog. We analyze your dog diet and if necessary, I recommend you a high quality dog food.

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Unwanted Barking

When a dog barks a lot, either at home or while walking outside, this can have many causes.You will have to show me in what situations your dog shows this behavior.

I’ll analyze the problem or misbehavior, I’ll create a therapy- or training plan and will explain this both in theory and practice.

Even dogs are afraid

If a dog is afraid, they show this in very different ways.Some owners confuse this fear with dominance behavior, for example, when the dog barks a lot or when the dog tries get what he wants by showing avoidance behavior.

I’ll analyze your dog and work on an therapy/ training plan for behavior correction.

Its important that dog owners communicate with anxious dogs in a particular way.

I’ll show you what this type of communication involves. You will see that this will gradually make your dog more confident, more relaxed and happier.

At Home Alone

Does your dog bring damage to your furniture, your clothes or even to yourself?Your dog barks, whines, drools or defecate when you leave him alone?

I’ll show you how you can change this behavior step by step and how you can make your dog feel good and relaxed when he is home alone.

The aggressive dog

In order to treat aggression, it’s important to recognizing where this aggression is based.I’ll analyze your dog and develop a plan to change this behavior. Thereby I will obviously support you with the implementation of this plan.
Also, dietary counseling is part of the plan. Malnutrition can also lead to misbehavior of the dog.

You can order the products of Reico directly from me. Click here for the shop:
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