I carry out dog training and consulting in all Berlin districts.

​​​Kim Schunk  work in my buissenes to.

I have no possibility to take on student interns.

Trained dog trainers are welcome to apply in writing for an internship.

My Name is Kim Schunk

For the districts Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Weissensee, Reinickendorf, Wedding, Mitte.

As a businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade, I worked for many years in the commercial sector and completed a business degree on the side.

During this time I noticed again and again that the world of dogs gives me so much strength and that I really want to learn more about it. In my private environment I have already been able to help many dog owners with my many years of experience as a dog owner, targeted training and empathy to build up a smooth and conflict-free relationship with their dogs. They no longer had a four-legged challenge at home, but a four-legged friend and loyal companion. Experiencing that such a harmonious dog-human relationship was created through my help motivated me to train as a dog behaviour trainer, which I successfully completed in March 2019.