My education as a dog behaviour trainer


– The Science of Canine / Ethology
– The History of behavioral sciences
– Domestication of dogs

Development of dogs

– Essential features / instincts and impulses
– The dog’s learning behavior / learning processes
– Body language

Solving behavior problems

– Education Resource
– Comparison with natural behavior
– Treatment principles / methods


– Origin
– Evolution
– Nature and breed characteristics

Dog communication

– Signals in dog communication
– Rational and emotional influences
– Human to dog Communication

Anatomy of the dog

– Structure of the skeleton, musculature and organs
– The sense organs and sensory perception
– The musculoskeletal system and its diseasesn

Diseases and first aid

– General measures
– Internal and external injuries
– Practical exercises
– Pain recognition

Aggressive behavior

– Types of aggression
– The emergence and treatment of aggression

Nutrition and veterinary medicine

– Understanding the declarations on packaging
– Appropriate nutrition from naturopathic perspective

Diseases and infections

– Parasitic diseases


– Animal Welfare Act / Animal Welfare dog regulations
– Act to fight dangerous dogs
– Dog law and regulations
– Legislation on dog ownership
– Hunting, nature conservation and forest laws

The modern dog school

– Approach to building and managing a successful dog school
– Construction and design of courses
– Market Analysis


Additional trainings

Seminar given by Günter Bloch

Dog behaviorist, dog trainer, operator of dog farm “Eifel”, founder of the canine behavior center – 1977

Seminar given by Dr. Udo Gansloßer

Professor of Zoology, dog behaviorist

Seminar given by Anita Balser

Seminar “In der Muttersprache des Hundes” (Dog’s mother tongue)
(dog trainer, author, founder HTS)

Seminar given by Evelyn Traylor

Tellinton TTouch nach Linda Tellington-Jones
Diese gewaltfreie Methode erleichtert die Kommunikation mit Tieren, fördert ihre Ausbildung und bietet eine Form der Hilfe im Fall von Verhaltensproblemen sowie bei Krankheit oder Rekonvaleszenz.

Seminar given by Sabine Tappendorf

(Hundetrainerin und Inhaberin der Dog School Berlin Brandenburg)

Seminar given by Christina Sondermann

Spielend Fit fürs Leben – neue Beschäftigungsideen für Hunde
(Buchautorin “Das große Spielebuch für Hunde”,”Einfach Schnüffeln”)

What is the best food for you dog

Seminar given by Konrad Reiber & Andreas Schmidt