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How much is an oil change?

We don't just change the oil, this is the service where we check over the car the older the car the important Of course we change the oil and check the other fluid levels. Check the tires and rotate them if needed Check the lights, wipers etc. We also provide a loaner car when reserved and wash and vacuum the car. Cost starts at $80 and up depending on make and model.

How much to replace my brakes?

The car really needs to be checked to see what it needs. Sometimes the brake rotors can be resurfaced other times they need replacing some cars you can replace the brake pads without doing anything to the rotors. Some makes like BMW work better with brake parts bought from BMW and are more expensive.


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Who all can attend this workshop?

Any degree college student or working professional who is interested in finance can attend this workshop.

How will this course help me?

This is a 4 hour workshop in which you will be taught to create a financial model and how you can upgrade your skill set using financial modeling. You will also get access to LeapUp's alumni network.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges; it is a completely free workshop.

Where will the course be taught?

The course will be taught on Zoom and you have to attend the workshop using laptop or a computer.

If I fill the form, am I confirmed a seat for the workshop?

No, we will be filtering the forms as per our criteria based on the answers you've given and select a total of 90 students to join the course.

When will we get the certificates?

At the end of course you will be given an assignment, you have to mail us the completed task to receive the certificate.

Will we be making the models?

Yes, you will be taught how to make the models, and in the assignment you will be making the model.

Will we be given study material?

You will be given access to the required amount of study material.

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