Individual Training

I specialize in helping with basic education, learning how to be alone without stress, training for leashes, dog barking when guests visit or when your apartment bell rings and feeding your dog. I can also prepare you very well for the theoretical (certificate of competence) and practical exam for the Berlin dog handler license.

  • Problem solving - behavioral counseling - dog training

  • Misunderstandings in the communication between dog and human can lead to problem behaviour up to behavioural disorders, such as

  • Aggression against conspecifics and humans

  • Problems with being alone (separation anxiety)

  • Fears (when driving a car, of certain noises etc.)

  • unwanted continuous barking

  • domestic bad habits (uncleanliness, stealing from the table, nibbling, etc.)

My work as a dog trainer in Berlin includes

  • I'll come to your house and watch you and your dog interact.

  • The first hour (getting to know each other) lasts max. 120 min.

  • I analyse any misconduct.

  • I check whether the dog has the optimal biochemical basis through its nutrition

  • I explain general basics in communication with dogs and their ability to learn and we work out rules of behaviour.

  • Together we will visit places where the problems occur (maybe not at the first meeting). If it fits thematically, I also like to use my dog.

  • I work out practical exercises with you and train with you the application and the right timing.

  • I will show you possibilities how you can take over this training into your everyday life.

For many topics I have written down a summary, which I will hand over to you after the lesson. If desired, a nutritional consultation will take place. We will talk about the nutrition of your dog. I will explain and show you which composition is good and bad for your dog. An incorrect nutrition can lead to misbehaviour of the dog.

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