Courses & group activities

The courses consist of a maximum of 6 human-dog teams. Maximum two people per dog.

All courses are now also offered exclusively for single, sociable dog owners!

Please always bring your own:


  • Delicacies (very small and good smelling)

  • Your dog's favourite toy

  • snug chest harness

  • a collar

  • Line with 2 carabiners (no flex line)


For the dog...


  • do not feed at least 2 hours before the training

  • let the dog rest 2 hours before and 2 hours after the lessons

  • Stow your dog's excrement in excrement bags during the course

Please do not come if your dog seems sickly. He could infect the other dogs and the respective course could overstrain him.

If you are attending a course for the first time, please bring a copy of a valid liability insurance policy and the vaccination certificate for your dog.

Nutritional advice is provided in every course. The dog food is also very important for the behaviour of the dog. Together we look at the composition and ingredients of your dog food.
If necessary, more optimal dog food will be suggested.

A first aid guide for dogs is integrated in every course

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